DANORA Company Value Chain

So far the Company produces cocoa butter and powder
cocoa for the benefit of its customers. Most of the
profiles of the Company’s customers are also traders/
large industries that have a need for
the Company’s processed chocolate products. Most of the customers
The Company is a major global player in the chocolate and Industry
world class confectionery in the chocolate industry.
Wide application of chocolate products in industry:
food & beverage products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, making
requests from the Company’s customers are very diverse in specifications.
The core competencies of the Company currently start from:
procurement of raw materials in the form of cocoa beans and processing
raw material into cocoa butter (Cacao Butter) and powder
cacao (cacao powder). In the future, the Company also plans to
to enter
To the consumer market directly through the products
advanced processing such as chocolate drinks, meises, chocolate
fillings and others.
In addition to the plan to directly enter the industry that
serving direct consumers, the Company is currently
study the discourse to produce bulk finished goods
where the Company will sell its products to manufacturers
large and product branding leave it to big manufacturers
What is meant is.

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