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..go down further to reach individual customers ..

Up to this point, the Company has produced cocoa butter and cocoa powder for the benefit of its corporate customers. Majority profile of the Company’s customer profiles are big traders and factories / industries who need processed cocoa products. Most of the Company’s customers are main players in the chocolate industry and world-class confectioneries in the industry.

Wide applications of cocoa products in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries have made the Company’s customer demands came in various specifications.

The Company’s core competence begins with raw material procurement /cacao beans, and subsequently processing it into intermediate goods such as: cacao butter and cacao powder. Danora has consistently makes improvement in every aspects of its activity, starting from procurement, production, distribution, marketing, sales and all the way to after sales service

This year, the Company has been penetrating until the consumer market, providing end products such as: chocolate drinks, chocolate sprinkles and blocks, chocolate bars, fillings and many others. Deeper penetration in global consumer’s market will certainly creates higher value for our stakeholders.