DANORA COCOA also known as PT DANORA AGRO PRIMA is a Cocoa Grinding Manufacturer, which established in 2002. Our Factory located in Banten, Jatake, Tangerang, Indonesia. We are led by a team experienced and specialist in Cocoa product and believe in the pursuit of quality and service at every step of the process. We are one of the trusted Cocoa Supplier and Manufacturer in Indonesia with annual production capacity is estimated to be 17.000 MT per year.

DANORA COCOA Factory has improved its productivity since its establishment, specializing in Cocoa processing business and has been operating for more than I decade in Cocoa Industry. We have been trusted by our customer to provide the best quality cocoa powder and also under their support, we expended product such as Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Cake and Cocoa Liquor.

DANORACOCOA cares and wiling to offer high quality cocoa product and hopes to assist customers to fulfill their satisfaction and to achieve best cocoa product both foods and beverages. In order to maintain the quality and satisfy customer needs, we select only top quality cocoa beans from trusted plantations in Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Beans from various sources are mixed according to the desired reciepes and produced the best quality of cocoa product.

Our Commitment

In product to meet the strictest internasional standards, we use modern machinery and advanced processing technology from reputable suppliers.
A dynamic and professional management leam lead our company and works closely with knowledgeable and capable staff operating our factory.
In every process of our service we initiate and maintain interactive communication and a caring attitude toward our buyers.
As the result, we have expanded our market area and experiencing a healthy growth since the year we were established we express our strongest commitment in providing the firt class service and in growing together with our customers in the Cocoa Industry.